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Fire Alarm Sales, Servicing And Maintenance

Your fire alarm system could very well be the difference between life and death. At Fylde Coast Fire Protection Services, business is the expert in servicing, maintaining and supplying commerical and domestic fire alarm systems in Blackpool at guaranteed competitive prices.

Current Legilsation

Fire Alarm Sales Servicing And MaintenanceAt present, current legislation dictates that your business must have an adaquate means of detecting a fire and the ability to give a sufficient warning in plenty of time. It is very important that you have an active and functional fire alarm warning system in your premises as a failure to meet this criteria could result in legal action being taken against you.

As well as your business possessing a functional fire alarm system, it is also your responsibility to ensure that your whole fire alarm system is regularly maintained and serviced, ensuring all components of your fire protection system are fully functional.

How Can F.C.F.P.S's Blackpool Fire Alarm Services Help You?

Fylde Coast Fire Protection Services offer competitively priced, professional fire alarm services which includes sales, maintenance and servicing. All of our fire alarm services are completed to the highest of standards ensuring that your expectations are not just met but are exceeded. Our ethos is offering a friendly, honest and reliable service as your business and potential returning business is very important to us. We always make sure that all work carried out ensures your business conforms with all current legislation.

If your business has a current, fully functional fire alarm system then why not see if we can set you up with an annual service plan. This means you will always have the peace of mind in knowing that your fire alarm system will always be inspected and maintained on time, ensuring your system is always up to date and meets current legislation.

You may be in the position whereby your business or premises requires a new fire alarm system installing. If this is the case then let one of our fire alarm engineers design and install a fire alarm system which fulfills the requirements of your business and premises. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that what you receive is right for you.

Our process always start with a free site survey. It is very important for us to inspect your premises and learn about the operation of your business. This enables us to offer a competitive, personalised quotation which is always tailored to your needs. This also enables us to answer any questions which you may have and also provide any other information on services that may be of benefit to you.

The Fylde Coast Fire Protection Services Promise

The Fylde Coast Fire Protection Services promise means you'll always receive a guaranteed level of service at the highest of standards, all at a competive price. Why not contact us for a free site survey? You don't have to commit to anything and we will try and beat any quote that you have been given.

Please contact us on 0800 112 3237 or use our contact form to request a free site survey or discuss any requests that you may have.

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